Building A Classic Physique eBook

Learn the most effective methods and principles that have stood the test of time from the legends of the Golden Era. Includes a complete workout and diet plan inside.

Fundamentals of Nutrition Seminar

Forget every diet you've ever tried. In this seminar you will learn the key principles on how to design an individualized diet plan based on your specific needs. Get FREE access with my Members Area.

Exercise Program Design Mastery

In this step-by-step program design certification you will learn training protocols for fat loss, hypertrophy, strength & metabolic conditioning. Get certified as an Exercise Program Design Specialist.

Nutrition Program Design Mastery

In this step-by-step nutrition certification you will learn nutrition and supplementation protocols for fat loss, hypertrophy & performance. Get certified as a Nutrition Program Design Specialist.

iNutrition Pro Software

The iNutrition Pro software allows you to create any type of diet plan in just minutes. It is used by hundreds of personal trainers around the globe to create quick and easy meal plans for their clients.

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