Building A Classic Physique eBook

Since I first began training I was always fascinated with the physiques of the bodybuilders from the Golder Era such as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbo, and the rest.

These men not only had incredible physiques that were proportional and aesthetically pleasing, but they were also functional, athletic and as strong as they looked.

Compared with bodybuilders of today who are overly muscle bound, grossly disproportionate, and cumbersome, the bodybuiders of the Golden Era had physiques that most men asire to achieve.

These legends of the past relied much less on drugs, fancy machines, supplements, or genetics, than on hard work, determination and an intelligent approach to training and nutrition.

Unlike guys today who bomb each body part once only a week, do hours of cardio, and eat nothing but chicken and rice, the old timers trained each body part multiple times per week, they used various rep ranges, they cycled between heavy and light days, they ate a balaced whole food diet, and they did very little cardio.

I've spent more than a third of my life trying to emulate these guys and learn everything about how they trained and ate. I've used and refined their methods working with thousands of people and based on the latest scientific evidence.

This book is the summary of all that work and will bring you one step closer to building a classic physique!


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